One of our main goals is to transfer this two hundred year old piece of Hungarian ethnographic culture onto modern, comfortable clothes and accessories. We would like to keep Matyó culture alive. We work towards boosting Matyóland’s economy, building a bridge between generations, and drawing attention to responsible buying. To achieve all of this, we have been developing our enterprise for the past five years, we buy most of our material in and around the village of Tard, and we provide job opportunities for the local women. All our products are unique, and are handmade with love.


Matyó culture has been on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 2012. All our products revolve around the well-known matyó embroidery of North-Eastern Hungary. Matyodesign isn’t just a workplace for us. We believe in every single step we take, and we give our hearts and souls in order to be able to give back at least a small part of the treasures we received during our childhood years in Tard.